Ethics & Governance

Maximus is committed to conducting our business with integrity and according to the highest standards of ethics and performance as set forth in our Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics. We ensure compliance through a formal compliance structure; written standards, policies and procedures; training and education; multiple channels to report suspected violations anonymously; rigorous internal monitoring and auditing; and prompt corrective actions and discipline.

Quality and Risk Management

We monitor and address client satisfaction through our Quality and Risk Management (QRM) team. The team monitors client satisfaction across Maximus projects, staff, products, and services through an annual Client Satisfaction Survey, requiring action plans for projects receiving low scores. The action plans require project leadership to meet with the client to address issues raised in the survey. The QRM team provides guidance and oversight during this process and reports Client Satisfaction Survey results to division and segment leadership, and ultimately to the Maximus Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

QRM reports to the Company’s controller, chief financial officer and chief executive officer. QRM manages all related initiatives and data, sponsors independent oversight of selected projects, and monitors all segment and division QRM activities.

QRM coordinates the company-wide Business Review Committee (BRC) process that identifies and mitigates contractual and operational risks for large scale and high-profile projects, and is responsible for operational, financial, or client satisfaction issues.

  • QRM staff analyze risks communicated through a quarterly Project Self-Assessment Survey (PSA) and identify projects with risk indicators that may require additional guidance or oversight from QRM and further escalation.
  • Reports demonstrating risk trends are shared with division and segment leadership and analysis is presented to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.
  • Billing and data integrity are addressed and monitored through the PSA process, as are corporate compliance training, progress reports to executive leadership, and other activities. Additionally, Maximus has an internal audit department, reporting to the Board of Directors, that conducts a billing and data integrity risk assessment across our U.S. portfolio every two years, with the next assessment planned for this summer.
  • QRM generates a monthly New Project Launch Dashboard to help projects execute start-ups and maintain ongoing operations successfully. The Dashboard provides executive leadership with a snapshot of projects for the period before, during, and after go-live using a scale of green (satisfactory), yellow (at risk), and red (unsatisfactory).
  • QRM manages the Enterprise-wide Risk and Fraud Assessments to identify and prioritize risks, based on likelihood and impact, for action plan development and follow-through.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Over the past year, Maximus has met with many of our shareholders to explore Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) priorities. We recently completed ESG materiality mapping, identifying Our People and Community, Principles of Governance, Policies and Procedures: Data and Privacy Security, and Our Planet and Environment.

As a result of our ongoing efforts, shareholders at our 2020 annual meeting approved an amendment to remove our staggered board model and declassify our Board of Directors so that all Directors are elected annually. The majority of our Directors are independent and one-third are women.