Health and Safety

As Maximus responds to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the safety of our employees is our top priority. We are doing everything possible to keep our employees safe as they perform the critical work of keeping essential government services open and accessible to people in need.

Among employees who responded to a recent survey about our COVID-19 health and safety efforts, the majority believe Maximus is:

Protecting their physical health and safety

Communicating transparently

Providing access to physical and emotional wellness resources

Taking the necessary steps to provide income protection and remote work arrangements

And nearly all respondents working from home agreed: their supervisor keeps in contact with them while working remotely; there is sufficient training and support offered for the technology resources provided; and those resources are sufficient to perform their job.

At the height of the pandemic, we took every precaution to ensure a safe work environment from mandating social distancing and introducing more flexible schedules to providing staff with face coverings and increasing sanitization rigor and frequency that exceeded CDC recommendations. We also:

  • moved as many employees as possible to work from home, with approximately one-third of our workforce using some aspect of Maximus-sponsored COVID-19-related leave during the critical first six weeks of the pandemic
  • reimbursed employees for incremental or new cell phone or internet services to accommodate remote work and shipped requested supplies and computer equipment directly to them at no cost
  • provided Amazon WorkSpaces on computers to give safe and secure remote desktop accessibility and allow for additional work from home capabilities
  • developed and launched a Clear2Work mobile app for initial entry into our locations to ensure that only healthy employees can enter our facilities and anyone who may be ill seeks medical attention

Our paid leave is available to cover a variety of scenarios and needs.

Paid Time Off for Testing
Paid Sick Leave
Emergency Medical Leave
  • Maximus provides paid administrative leave to staff to accommodate time for testing if thought to be exposed to the virus. Free COVID-19 testing is available either through Maximus healthcare benefits or funded by Maximus through nationwide partnership.
  • Maximus provides emergency paid sick leave, for childcare and for employees in a high-risk category for COVID-19.
  • Our emergency paid family and medical leave offers two-thirds pay for childcare or being high-risk.
  • We provide advanced paid time off for illness of an employee or family member.
  • Maximus provides income protection for temporary and contingent workers.
  • Maximus employees keep their company health insurance benefits and maintain job protection while using COVID-related leave.

In a time of rising healthcare costs, Maximus is proud to continue our investment in the health and wellbeing of our employees.

Maximus offers competitive benefits that provide employees choice and freedom in their medical plans at affordable rates despite ever-rising healthcare costs nationwide. Maximus continues to offer free services such as preventive care, telemedicine visits and generic medications for chronic conditions.

Our Service Contract Act (SCA)-covered employees receive a medical plan at no cost. That means that Maximus pays 100% of the premium and employees receive the benefits with $0 bi-weekly premium payments for themselves. For those employees, who in a recent survey expressed a desire for benefits beyond what this plan has to offer, Maximus has newly introduced a platinum health insurance plan, which includes 0% coinsurance, a lower deductible and $0 copayment in network for medical services once that deductible is met. Both plans exceed the affordability test outlined by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and comply with all requirements.

Both plans have access to free telemedicine, free generic medications for chronic conditions and soon will offer a national partnership to provide significantly discounted convenient care to our participating employees. Maximus also offers our employees a free Employee Assistance Program.

In response to employee feedback, we recently launched a new wellbeing platform dedicated to supporting our employees’ physical and mental health, making a variety of health and wellness benefits available for free including Headspace, Wellbeats, and more.

Maximus is in regular communication with our employees, providing updates through email, video, flyers,, My Maximus, webinars and other methods on CDC guidance, how we are keeping them safe, available benefits and resources – including for mental health and wellness – and available leave options. We have also launched a dedicated COVID-19 information intranet and website pages to provide employees related updates and educational material, including a series of videos from our Chief Medical Officer to educate staff on various topics related to COVID-19.